WAN TAI FENG FOOD CO., LTD. est nominatos artifices, amet et exporters de Aloe tu bibe, cum officinas in Taiwan. In ordine faciens annis usus agnoscimur nostrae praeclaros effectus in augue. Donec in primis inter nos adiuvavit Taiwan. Constanter upgrade nostri products obviam internationalis signa. Nos tenere bigas professionales, quae praebet in tempore deliberatis cum princeps quality.Our sinceritate et opere adiuvit nos aequare qualitas gentium signa.


WAN TAI FENG FOOD CO., LTD. was established in 1995, the Head Office is located in Taoyuan City, home to many industrial parks and tech companies in northwestern Taiwan. Taoyuan developed from a satellite city of Taipei metropolitan area to become the fourth-largest metropolitan area, and fifth-largest populated city in Taiwan. Notably, Taoyuan International Airport that serves the capital Taipei, is the gateway to the world.

Our factory is located in Miaoli County, western Taiwan. On the hilly terrace of an area of nearly 66,000 square meters, the factory occupies about 23,000 square meters. Bordered by mountains and sea, the whole factory offers an elegant and completely pollution-free environment. Not far away, there is one of the three major religious holy sites of Mazu in Taiwan, the Baishatun Mazu Temple. To comply with different kinds of manufacturing demands, we at WAN TAI FENG FOOD CO. LTD. are determined to offer our perfect services to you.

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